Bo2 weaponized 115

bo2 weaponized 115

. To get the Widows Wine you must open a portal in the Canal District. In this wreck is a collectible golden lantern. Follow your teammate until you reach a building with enemies. You can then buy the perk it costs points. Each use costs points

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Mission Lotus Towersnbsp of nbspReview. There are a total of missions. intel helmets weapons flowers necklaces robot parts etc. On the upper floor of the building on the left side is a collectible slave collar. From here you can jump to the upper floor of the building where you just came from. However the machines will not always work and will dispense flavors randomly. It is part of the Control Core skill tree. The training simulator can be accessed in the safehouse in Campaign mode after completing Mission. . After getting the Ragnarok DG weapon let two of your teammates kill themselves with a grenade then plant the Ragnarok and revive them to get the Time To Slam achievement. In the first train compartment you enter is a collectible not the one you start in the next one after that. Go around the right side of the building to find a collectible by the wall. Go to the end of the room and through the door

bo2 weaponized 115

Make sure you equip it in your loadout before starting a mission. Step Return to where you collected the blue arrow in Step by the death ray and hold X to interact with the blue fog. Refill the water and turn on the second generator. . Then look for three enemies that are standing close together. Unit Scorestreak P Sniper Rifle Secondary Gunfighter Wildcard Tactician Wildcard Cold Blooded Perk CounterUAV Scorestreak Nomad Specialist ManOWar Assault Rifle Primary Gunfighter Wildcard Thermite Lethal Cerberus Scorestreak Pharo SMG Danger Close Wildcard Engineer Perk Power Core Scorestreak Reaper Specialist Dredge LMG Primary Gunfighter Wildcard Shock Charge Tactical Guardian Scorestreak Argus Shotgun Ghost Perk Wraith Scorestreak Spectre Specialist Combat Knife Special Combat Axe Lethal Rolling Thunder Scorestreak Sheiva Assault Rifle Scavenger Perk Hardened Sentry Scorestreak Firebreak Specialist Razorback SMG Flashbang Tactical . They always look the same go to the locations in the video and run around the area until you see a button prompt to pick up the object. They can hold off the zombies while you aim at the bonfires. At a certain point your truck will stop and lots of robots will attack you and try to climb the truck

They can hold off the zombies while you aim at the bonfires. This will trigger an antigravity effect. You can only pick it up after you have killed the enemies with your drone and destroyed the generator. Go to the Security Station A couple of minutes after the mission begins you will have to use an elevator to get to a shopping mall with many civilians and enemies. Fill the bucket with irradiated water water color does not matter. After getting the Ragnarok DG weapon let two of your teammates kill themselves with a grenade then plant the Ragnarok and revive them to get the Time To Slam achievement. You can generate experience for your friends too. Go to the i Communications Hub Soon after the underwater section from the last collectible you will enter a building with lots of enemies

You start out under some trees in a snowy area then slide down a hill into bloody water and come to three gates that are covered by vines. After killing the enemies in the first big area you will come by a mobile armory and civiliansprisoners will come running down some stairs. . There are four Wunderspheres on Der Eisendrache

You can also replay missions at any time to find the missing items. After the recent update to the Black Market it is now better to buy Rare Supply Drops since you are not only guaranteed a Rare item but you also have a better chance at getting Legendary and Epic items compared to the Common Supply Drop. There is a large group of enemies standing close together. You will be approximately M from the objective. Gobblegum vending machines can be found in each of the three districts and require points. Bring down the VTOL Leviathan During the Boss fight against the VTOL on the rooftop to the right of where you start is a collectible in a destroyed building. Make sure you collect it before entering the panic room as doing so will end the mission. Go to the Docks In the flooded area where you get hit by waves and can use the anchor you will come to a bulding with lots of enemies. The pause menu shows them in the order in which they can be collected making it very easy to find what is missing


Look for a crack in the wall of the building and climb the balconies to reach the rooftop. Go to the i Secondary Comms Relay After a cutscene you will go outside to a flooded area. There are many robots spawning in this area. Search in the right corner of the room to find a collectible. A soldier will shoot you from the window of the upper floor. Get to Bald Mountain When you get to the area with all the containers take the path on the right side

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bo2 weaponized 115

On the upper floor of the building on the left side is a collectible slave collar. You also get Cryptokeys returned back to you with each Rare Supply Drop opened. Go to Safiya Square After a cutscene you must go to the top of a building. The exact place varies slightly with each playthrough but it is always in the starting area. Destroy the

  • To get the Gold Camo you have to get the other camos for the same gun. They are not revealed until they have been completed. Step Finally collect the new and super powerful bow. You will also get the From The Shadows achievement along the way. You must first go through the gate on the right side. Go to the Safehouse This one is in Chinatown. Complete all rituals in the Shadows Of Evil map in Zombie mode to unlock the PackAPunch machine for upgrading weapons. . The cheat menu can also be displayed at any options menu. It also counts when you throw the grenade on the ground and the Talons are flying over it. The first one you must destroy cannot be hacked